Sunset at US Capitol

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In the last few weeks a few bloggers awarded me with their Versatile Blogger Awards. I want to thank you all for this honor. Here they are, in no particular order, go check them out:

Watch Out, Don’t get Run Over

I took this photo with ghosts in the frame (like the one below) and without anyone in it. After looking at them I decided to process this one first. While US Capitol is really cool to look at, it has been photographed so many times, I decided for this one to be extra unique. When I start run out of fresh supply I might process one without the ghosts. Enjoy!

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27 thoughts on “Sunset at US Capitol

  1. Nice. About the ghosts – The New Yorker has a great caption contest – it might be fun to try one of your creations – post an unusual photo and solicit captions.

    Keep up the great photography!

  2. I really like your HDR processing. You bring out the details without overdoing it. Very lovely!

  3. Beautiful HDR. I like that you haven’t made it look artificial. This is what I would expect to see at that magic time of the twilight hour.

    1. That is an artificial light. I started taking photos before they turned them on and it looks much better with the lights. But, the prior shots had a bit better sunset with sun being much higher, I’ll get to it sometime soon and show it as well.

  4. I think this image is good as far as hdr is concerned. My only draw back is that even the people riding the bikes are not bad with the movement, I just think the positioning of them is off to me it draws my eyes right to them, and not the focal point of the image, which is the capital building. To me this makes the capital seem like an afterthought of the image. I like the processing overall though good detail in the scene.

  5. Marvelous Blue Hour Shot of the US Capitol. I went to school and went on to work in DC for several years and did not take the time to get some good shots of these landmarks. A case of being so close you don’t see them. I’ve been making up for the missed opportunities ever since but have yet to grab a decent blue hour shot of the Capitol. Now i have the benchmark shot to urge me on. Excellent Work

    1. This is the paradox of being local vs visitors. Most locals visit less local attractions than visitors. I’ve been coming to DC on business (almost like a local) for a long time and never had time or energy to actually go see all of these landmarks, finally I’m forcing my self to go and see them.

  6. You’re right— I think the ghosts make the shot way more interesting. I agree with Jeremy’s point, about the bikers becoming the focal point of the image instead of the capital, but it’s not like we can NOT look at that imposing capital building after we’ve had our fill of the bikers.

    Maybe just removing or dimming the headlamps would make them less distracting? I’m not sure.

    Anyway! Lovely dusky shot.

  7. I like the ghosts — almost says something about our political system! Ha! They certainly add some interest to the photo.

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