Somewhere in China

Today’s image probably could be taken in any part of the world around China-towns with some super markets and many neon signs. This one happened to be in China. What drew my attention here are those large neon adds on the upper floors. Usually you’ll see the first level with all the fancy advertising, but look up and it is all grey and unpleasant.

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13 thoughts on “Somewhere in China

  1. I’m surprised to see their signs in English and Chinese. Although, it is my understanding that China is making it mandatory for their children to learn English in school these days, beginning in the elementary levels. Interesting photo.

    1. hah, its true, almost every window has one. Can’t really see them well from the ground floor and the cloth they wear, but I guess it is advertisement of some kind of fasion, trying to lure them in.

    1. yep, they are all taken by me over the last two years. hopefully the trend will continue and I’ll have photos from more places. in the last two years during vacation instead of working on the house we try to go and see new places. only a few weeks per year. not much. ocasional weekend trips as well, but those are usually somewhere in driving distance.

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