Spying In

Walking around historic downtown Charleston will present you with many little courtyards of those million dollar houses. Most of them are very well maintained with some cool landscaping and lighting. When I see them I always wish I had one of those. It almost looks like real one.

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21 thoughts on “Spying In

  1. Charleston is a rich place to shoot – I’ve taken some similar photos there I really like. That looks like it is close to the Unitarian Cemetary. Savannah is another place like that (as you know). Nice shot as always!

    1. not sure where it was, we were walking back from dinner at the Market street to our hotel (one of the old ones next to the restourant with ghost), but not the straight line, going zig-zag thorugh many streets. this was somewherre in between

  2. Most people would put their camera up to the bars and try to shoot the picture that is beyond the bars. You’ve added a whole different dimension by making the bars a main feature of the photo. Very creative thinking.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

    You take a lot of cool pictures, but I guess you must already know this. This picture makes me think of Alice in Wonderland.

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