Sneak Peak

Changing Clocks

Loosing one hour of our day on a nice spring day is very unpleasant, but that what we had to do today. At least we’ll have longer evenings now.

Seattle at Night

Prior to my last trip to Seattle I did some research on where all of the most iconic Seattle photos were taken. One of the spots is at Dr Jose Rizal Park. With Seattle weather, being mostly grey during the winter time, I arrived on a super clear night, with no single cloud in the sky, so after landing, the first thing I did is went straight to that park to take a few photos, it could be my only opportunity to take these photos before clouds and rain come back to the city. I walked around the park and took photos from different vantage points. This one was taken at a very low point, actually if I remember right, not even at the park itself, but one of the service roads, right beneath it.

Click me!

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27 Responses to Sneak Peak

  1. What a contrast. It’s almost as if the tree represents rural life and the city, urban life. Nature vs. concrete. Well done.

  2. rutheh says:

    A wonderful shot of the city skyline. Good plan to go when the sky was clear.
    Would have been a shame to miss the opportunity.
    Hope you will consider hosting Flat Ruthie for an adventure.
    Check out my other blog when you get a chance

  3. singhmv says:

    Beautiful picture. On the clock- I begin to feel those precious 3 minute a day gains right after Christmas. I would’nt mind losing an hour of a day for the daylight. 🙂

  4. Ciao, what a great shot, interesting juxtaposition of nature versus city. Lynne

  5. marionowen says:

    I’m sure the hemlock tree is honored to be in your photo!

  6. magsx2 says:

    That is a magnificent photo, I love how the tree really stands out in the front, a beautiful shot. 🙂

  7. abraalani says:

    Nice! I’ve been waiting for a clear day like this before heading up to the park. I’ve been there in the daytime, and i’m looking forward to going back!

  8. mfg says:

    I need to take a trip to the park…it would make a nice change from my usually east facing perspective of the city

  9. Beautiful shot Dimitrii. I love the way you’ve composed this and how you’ve given the tree such prominence in the composition.

  10. Blood-Ink-Diary says:

    Stunning shot Dimitri – great light and shadow. Cheers.

  11. Gorgeous shot! The time change is tough to adjust to but oh so nice to have that extra daylight–definitely looking forward to it!!

  12. Truels says:

    A super shot – nice work with the colors – so fine and clear.

  13. jazzersten says:

    Beautiful juxtaposition of the nightime tree and the lights of the traffic.

  14. how do you do that?? It’s awesome! teach me 🙂

  15. John says:

    Lovely shot. Wonderful Composition and framing.

  16. darkjade68 says:

    Awesome Photo


  17. Spectacular! The tree and the lights (presumably with a low shutter-speed), both in one frame, amazing :).

  18. Great picture of Seattle- two representative images!

  19. rozsmallfry says:

    Love the contrast! It gives a new look at city life.

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