Spring Break

Not everyone having one yet, but today my daughter is coming home for couple weeks for a spring break. Yaaay!

Last October I went to see her at her school on the parents weekend and took this photo at the main lawn. Good place to get excellent education (I guess I’d be considered one of the ‘elitist snobs’ according to one of the current presidential hopefuls) and very pretty campus too. I’m not going to say where exactly this place is, only that it is somewhere in Massachusetts.

Click me!

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15 Responses to Spring Break

  1. Nice surroundings to study in…enjoy the get together

  2. That is great news. Have fun together! 😀
    Nice and spacious photo.

  3. It looks beautiful (as do all your photos!) and lovely surroundings to learn in. I hope you really enjoy having your daughter home for the spring break.

  4. Lovely sentiment. Enjoy the break. We will too! Kids, travels, and family time are all good.

  5. Looks like spring might actually come someday. Hope you have a nice visit with your daughter.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Love the wide angle and the clouds and shadows. I am from NH so I appreciate that area….. Living in Texas now, which is not so pretty….

  7. simon7banks says:

    Now this is amazing. I don’t know where you are. I’ve never been to New England (not so surprising as I live in Old England). But I looked at that photo, asked myself where that place probably was, and came up with “somewhere in New England”.

  8. I LOVE IT, gives such a fresh vibe! It’s like I can almost smell spring 🙂

  9. Snapshooter says:

    I love that shadow on the lawn! Very nice work…

  10. Elisa says:

    You must be beyond happy that she’s home…..and VERY proud of her!

  11. James Shannon says:

    Makes me miss college … thanks for the photo!

  12. I really like the wideangle perspective. Very pretty place, nice contrast in blues and greens.

  13. What I wonderful photo. Beautiful, peaceful . Thak you for sharing with us

  14. ups miss n ………………………Thank you for sharing the pictures with us

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