Spring is Here, Spring is Here

What? You might ask.

Well, if you grew up or spent some time in Eastern Europe, then you might understand where I ‘m coming from with this heading. For me Spring starts on March 1st, first day of Spring season, not three weeks from now. Same as summer, it starts on June 1st.

The first time someone was trying to tell me that Spring does not start on March 1st was an Westerner about 20 years ago, we got into argument. I could not understand how she did not get that Spring starts on the first calendar day of the Spring, while she was thinking that I’m barbarian or something, thinking that Spring starts on March 1st. Well, for me it was and will always start on the first day of the Spring as it is shown on the calendar.

Cherry Blossoms around Tidal Pool are really awesome. It is very popular with tourists, if you ever in DC during last week in March or first week in April then you might be able to see it. I recommend to go see it during sunrise as you’ll miss huge crowds during evening hours. With current weather, this year they might have in the next 2-3 weeks.

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60 thoughts on “Spring is Here, Spring is Here

  1. Spring starts when winter stops. In Finland, where I lived for two years, that’s some time in the first week of May! In Australia it must be around September/October.

  2. Hard to think of Spring with a foot of snow in my yard . . .

    Nice shot, as are many of yours at the gallery; gives me an idea what can be done with HDR.

  3. Ha ha! Actually, as a Westerner, it seems to make sense to start a season on the first of a given month rather than have to remember whether it’s the 21st or 22nd of some month you’re never sure of. Great post! Love the cherry blossoms.

  4. Very jealous! Amazing picture too! I was in search of color today after our snow storm and only could capture the snow laden rowboats! Maybe I’ll have better luck this weekend as I’m off to south of the border!

    1. hi, well, I didn’t say that I took this picture this year, it is from last year. cherry trees will probably start blooming in about 2-3 weeks. All of the spring ground flowers are in full force now.

      1. Oh…perhaps I didn’t read it carefully enough! My sister lives in Norfolk and my inlaws in the DC area so I visit a lot but have never seen the cherry blossoms. Someday!

  5. When else would spring start? I’m a little confused, doesn’t take much. It was the first day of Autumn for us. Hopefully all the hot weather is gone, not that we really had that much.

    1. I took it last year, in late March. Then I went there one more time and didn’t have any luck. I’ll be in DC at the end of March this year as well, and will try to make there as well.

  6. HI,
    That is just magnificent, what a photo, I love how you have captured the sun in such a perfect position, it is almost magical, well done. 😀

  7. Gorgeous photo the cherry blossoms. What a lovely sky, as well. Though I live in Minnesota where it is clearly not spring yet (if defined by weather rather than calendar), I grew up in Alabama, where spring is typically in full swing by March 1st. Thanks for reminding me there’s hope. Spring is (almost) here!

  8. What a great idea to go at sunrise! I haven’t been in years and really wanted to go this year. I am really thinking that going really early in the morning is the way to do it this year. Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. Gorgeous photos! As an American now living in Russia, I had this argument with my Russian colleagues on March 1st. They thought I was crazy, and I had to google spring in American to prove that we American celebrate the beginning of spring on the equinox. They didn’t understand how you could “start a season in a middle of the month.” I didn’t understand how they could start spring when it was -15 C out.

    1. yep, I thought that maybe it is becouse Russians are optimistic to think about spring starting on March 1st, but then at the same time I don’t think Russians are very optimisitc as a whole. So maybe it is not optimism but the fact that by the time March arrives, they already had 4 month of super cold winter and it is not yet nowhere to end, so they are so sick and tired of it (I was, when I lived in Moscow) that March 1st is a turning point where they can think about warmer days.

  10. Rather than comment on all your pictures one-by-one … let me give you a huge thumbs up. Your photos are really amazing. I love this one of Washington (with the cherry blossoms which also totally let me know it’s spring) … I am going to be headed there in just a couple of weeks so it was kind of cool to see this photo. Awesome.

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