Can you hear the music? When I see this photo for some reason I can hear the music that they always play on this type of carousel. Also, somehow it reminds of one of those movies with flash backs into the past. I look at it and expect it to suddenly start moving, with kids seating on it and their mamas watching over, and of course something terrible will happen any second, just wait… it is coming. Winking smile

So does anyone know where I took this photo? There are some clues in it.

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Cherry Blossoms

Web is probably full with similar images from last week cherry bloom at DC Tidal Basin. Here is one more from me. I took this on the same night as the “Photo Mania” photos. As I was taking this one, there were dozens and dozens of people all over around me. I had to wait for about five minutes till this specific view was available for me to step in and snap a few shots. It was very popular spot.

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DC Metro

If you ever wondered what DC Metro stations look like, no longer a mystery. Here it is. EOM.

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Christmas in Pittsburgh

This photo was taken couple days before Christmas. We arrived in Pittsburgh on a rainy night and went straight to the Mt Washington to take a few photos of the downtown. You might recall one of the previous photos I took that night, it was posted here couple month back. In the foreground you can see the Mt Washington Incline, it takes you up from the river level all the way to the top of the mountain.

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The Hook

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. It is going to rain all day here in North Carolina. For all the new visitors, I have almost 400 photos on this site, from different places, explorer it on the right side under categories.

Nor Cal

We are going for a little spring break to San Francisco. Two days around Napa Valley, couple days in the city and then couple days near Big Sur. Anyone have any recommendations for some cool photography around those places? I’m sure we’ll be overwhelmed with what that area has to offer, but if there are some interesting places off beaten pass, we might try to make there too.

In Boston

Many people will probably recognize downtown Boston. Cloudy sunset in a cool city. Enjoy.

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