Oregon Coast

I can’t remember the exact location where I took this photo, it is somewhere in northern part of Oregon coast. I think it is somewhere between Canon Beach and Rockaway Beach, but I might be mistaken. Even in the middle of the summer that water is very cold, those surfers really into surfing. Personally I have never tried any water sports in cold Pacific ocean waters, so my hat goes off to them. I’m sure wet suits help a lot, but still it is cold water in northern part of Oregon.

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14 thoughts on “Oregon Coast

  1. It looks like Indian Head Beach, but I’ve only been there a couple of times. When I have the guts to go into the water, since its always cold, I can only last a few minutes. Great Photo.

  2. I think it is Indian Head Beach also.. The Oregon coast is an amazingly beautiful drive. my favorite spot is Cape Kiwanda, easily missed, but never forgotten once seen.

  3. The scene is very typical west coast. It looks very similar to the west coast of Vancouver Island and I know that the water there is like ice. Even in summer, if you walk into the water knee deep, your feet ache from the cold (in a matter of seconds). It’s very hard to manage to stay in the water without a wet suit. But what a beautiful place. Nicely captured with your camera.

  4. Hi,
    I love the scenery in this photo, the rock formations are fantastic.
    There is no way you would get me into very cold water, the surfers must be very dedicated I think.

  5. I agree, hats off to the surfers. Its something I would never want to do. You have a lot of different locations on your blog so its obvious that you travel a lot, but my question is how do you find time to go all these different places? And how do you choose which places to go? Thanks!

    1. Hi, we try to go somewhere on vacations and holidays, some weekend trips around South East as well. Majority of the destinations are on the east coast, this is where I live and where we can drive. All other destinations are vacation trips, some are business related, but those are not very often. As far as choosing it, hmm, when we plan vacation, we look at the prices for airlines and if get good deal then try to fly, if not then drive somewhere local. There are so many places to go see, so it is not that diffilcult to find the place to go, harder is to find time and $ to pay for it, 😉

    1. we were there in early August and for the most part weather was very nice, couple days were very foggy over the ocean but clear inland, it was very annoying, this is very opposite of east coast, here it would be more common to have clouds over land and clear over the ocean. Oregon is great, I’d like to go there back again and explorer more areas

  6. Well, I can’t believe that you clicked the LIKE button for a wee Canadian chick who is picking up garbage, one bag at a time…your photography is remarkable and I want to thank you for the visit to my blog!

  7. I love surfing and if it wasnt for the oregon coast i dont think that i would have gotten so fixated on the sport of surfing. I lived in ventura california surfing down there for a few months. The surf down there was fantastic but there is nothing like the frigid waters of the NW! brings out the true man in a surfer

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