No Where to Go

I can’t remember the name of this bridge, it is somewhere midway between Key West and Miami. You might have seen another photo of the same bridge, posted while back. Anyways, that is all for today.

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35 thoughts on “No Where to Go

  1. Wasn’t this one not blown up as part of the film True Lies, it was redundant and it was to allow boats to pass?
    I flew over it nearly 10 years ago, some sight, some flight down to The Keys as well.

  2. Hi,
    That is just unreal, you can see the rust starting very clearly, what a waste if it is never to get finished.
    Great photo, really shows very good detail.

  3. I am so bad. I see a Government project that has run out of money 1/2 through the job. How did I ever become so cynical? It is a really nice photo though.

      1. I’ve become a pessimist when I see a “bridge to no-where”, I assume it is just more wasteful spending. LOL. I’m glad it saw better days and was in use at one time. Thanks for the info, now I can relax. LOL 🙂

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