Yes another sunrise, or is it a sunset? Sunrise, sunrise. As most of you out there I do not have an opportunity to go shoot photos every day, or even every week. Sometimes not shooting for a month. Still want to put a few photos per week on my blog, that is a challenge. So when good opportunity comes around with a lot of different angles I try to shoot as much as I can and then process them one by one over some period of time. So many times you’ll see a reoccurring themes from the same day. Like today’s photo was taken about 13 month ago, along with about half a dozen other photos that already appeared here, and I still might have one or two to process from that same morning. It was one of those super friendly to a landscape photographer mornings. Next time I make a toast, I’ll drink to that!

How about you? Do you process your photos at the same time or let them seat for while and come back to them when it feels right?

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47 thoughts on “Ripples

  1. Yep. Know the problem – if it is a problem 🙂 Post production for me, when producing a new StillWalk, can be spread over a month maybe, but I can’t leave it too long. The walk itself needs to be fairly fresh in my mind and I don’t want to end up in a completely different season to the one the production day was in.

    1. For your projects I can see that you need to be fresh on the subject so you can put the best story with pcitures and sound, otherwise it all can get mixed up. I bet it is a challange to keep audio files and photos from the same day in sync, unless of course you mix and match them.

  2. A great image full of mood…leaves you thinking is the tide going out or flooding in! About processing. I guess most of us try to edit straight after a shoot, sometimes not possible but in anycase it is often worth revisiting an image some time later, you do sometimes see things differently.

    1. After a day of photography I usually try to upload all photos from camera to my computer, so the next day starts fresh. I look at them and see how good or bad I did on that day and if time allows I might process one photo for immediate posting. Otherwise I’d get to that day on the following day or more likely on the next weekend with some time to actually look at them. Busy, busy lifes.

  3. I can see why you named it Ripples! red sky in the morning, sailor take warning.. another amazing photo.
    Re your question, I just have a digital camera, so I upload right away to see what I have, but it might be awhile before I do anything with them.

  4. One of my favorite things to do is go back and look at photos several months (even years) after they have been taken. It let’s me re-experience the experience.

  5. I’m exactly like you… I have tons of images on my hard drive that are waiting to be processed. I like to work on them over time so that the blog content has variety… I see the blog as my platform to showcase my work, not my journal 🙂

  6. Stunning Photo! I’m like you in that I like to takea bunch of photos and then process them over time. I still have shots that are several years old that I just haven’t gotten around to. I’m even worse with film and have roles that are years old that I need to develop!

    1. Don’t way too long with those films, they might run out of chemicals. Is there any limit on how long you can keep undeveloped film? I wonder if it has any chemical process that might deteriorate quality of the image on old undeveloped film. There is always a risk that some light might sneak into it too and ruin it

  7. …..the morning the sun was out-done by the elegance of a few sandy ripples.

    Brilliant…I love the angry dark clouds in contrast to the gentle grace of the ripples and the curve of the inlet.

  8. My first impression was of the wake of a boat, till I saw the small branch. Love the way your pix draws me in in an almost mesmerizing manner. Fabulous Photo!

  9. Great capture! And in answer to your question, I cannot possibly post everything I shoot the same day….there are those times when I have to reach into the “way back machine” 🙂

    1. Yep, when I’m on vacation, I try to shoot every day, and if conditions cooperate end up with a lot of shots. Sometimes those days seat on my HW for days, weeks or months before i get back to them.

    1. I think you are the second person who thought that it is water. I can see how it can trick an eye into thinking that way. Since I was there and took a picture my brain knows that it is sand, so I never had that visual illusion.

  10. Just thought I would let you know that each day you send another beautiful shot, I put it on my computer screen. It is a surprise to my husband. when he sits down at the computer. Thanks so much for sharing. Yes, it makes a great new beginning to a new day. Sunrises are wonderful. Just to see one means we have another day given. Nancy at Boyer Writes

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