About to Bloom

This could be taken anywhere where lotus can grow, which I guess many places on this planet. This photo was taken somewhere downtown Beijing, on one of the many lakes near the center of Chinese capital.

I’m starting a new project at work and this is for it to bloom into something awesome and nice (as IT projects can be awesome and nice, haha) as this lotus soon to be.

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28 thoughts on “About to Bloom

  1. Hi,
    A lovely photo, it looks like this particular lotus is going to be one of the beautiful pink ones.
    The lotus flower is certainly very spectacular when in bloom.
    Did you know that the lotus flower is the National flower for Vietnam, Egypt and India?

  2. I live in a metropolitan area. On a corner near a fast-food restaurant, a bank, and an outdoor mall, a small pond was co-opted and turned into a lily pond. It is small but when I sit on its banks and look out over the lilies to the fountain in the center I feel like I’ve been transported somewhere exotic. I love your photo and that it reminds me of this place. I think I’ll go check it out today to see if it might be blooming. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. You must be living somewhere warm to have Lotus at this time, looking at your posts I see Irvington mentioned a few times, so that must be related to your residence, but it is such a common name, obviously it is not in NY or NJ, or Indiana.

      1. Irvington is in Indiana. It is a small suburb on the east side of Indianapolis. I don’t live there anymore, but I’m still in Indianapolis. I haven’t checked the pond yet, so I don’t know if there is lotus. I haven’t had a chance to drive out there. If I remember to do it tomorrow, I will. It has been a warm winter but who knows. I’ll report back. 🙂

  3. Lotus- A new beginning. They are my favorite flowers not only are they beautiful but they grow out of muddy water and end up looking sooo beautiful. Great shot!

    1. thanks. They are, I whish I took more photos of the open flowers while we were there. It was so hot and sticky, really unconfortable late July day, didn’t take my time to enjoy it on actual scene

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