Winter Paradise, Finally

If you recall, in my yesterday’s post I mentioned about grey skies and rain. Well, weather man was right, it started snowing in the evening and it actually stuck to the ground. This morning we woke up to gorgeous blue skies with everything covered in beautiful white snow.  This is the first for Winston-Salem during this winter. It seams like we had continuous Fall moving into Spring and finally we had some winter action. When I woke up I grabbed my camera and went to my backyard to snap a few photos. Have to document probably the only snow we will get here before it all melts down.

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41 thoughts on “Winter Paradise, Finally

    1. Yes, me too, this little snow dots only last for a short time before melting and only appear in certain conditions with warm grounds and not super heavy snow. I thought it was cool looking.

  1. You really have to be Johnny-on-the-spot to catch these photos. Our world is always changing and a good has to catch those precious moments before their gone. Love the sidewalk patterns.

  2. Absolutely stunning…I love the contrasting shapes and textures with the woodpile and cobblestones. Really adds interest…it’s not just about the blanket, but what’s underneath!

  3. Your photos (especially the two with the flagstone walk and the brick walk) show visceral contrast. Isn’t that Life in a nutshell. Thanks for having the presence of mind to capture a fleeting moment. Nice stuff.

  4. Want to say thank you for liking my post The Paiinted Sky.. means a lot that someone liked it..
    Your snow photos are beautiful. the snow-framed pathway and the sunlight on the snow is really lovely.. thank you.

    1. I would not call all of North Carolina to be a place with distinct seasons. If you make an effort and go to the mountains then yes it is more like four seasons, otherwise it is more like maybe three, spring, long very log summer, fall and almost non existent winter. but over all I think NC is pretty good state to live at.

  5. Love it, there’s nothing like the first snow. I know it’s been mentioned, but it’s beautiful the way that the cobblestones and bricks melted the snow just above them.

  6. What a wonderful set of images. I’m from Quebec, Canada, we just had our first snowstorm this last week-end, and winter is almost over. It’s not has it’s use to be… Anyway, I really love your composition, specially the first photo, the composition is perfect. Great work. 🙂

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