Cheer Up with Colors

Yesterday was a beautiful day with temperatures around 60F, which overnight changed into rain and right now it is cold and grey, weather man predicting abut 4-6 inches of snow in North Carolina mountains and potential snow at lower elevations as well. To cheer myself up I decided to post this colorful autumn photo from North Carolina mountains, where it is probably snowing at the moment.

This is Blue Ridge Parkway’s Lin Cove Viaduct, snaking around Grandfather Mountain. Enjoy!

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41 thoughts on “Cheer Up with Colors

  1. Didn’t you post this earlier some time? It seems familiar…or maybe it is one stretch of road frequently photographed for “America’s Most Scenic Highways” or something….nevertheless, it is one of my all-time favorites!

    1. yes, I posted very similar shot, just a bit different angle. It was a good day to take photos, just point camera and push the button. The light was super nice to all of us out there.

  2. Love, love, love this photo. Thanks for sharing it. I hope to capture images like this someday.

  3. Stopping by to say ‘thank-you’ for your LIKE, I was floored. You really have an eye for this…while the Parkway shot caught me for the vantage view, your Seattle pic made me stop in my tracks. Labor of Love indeed.

  4. I used to live just off the Blue Ridge Parkway and remember this scene… absolutely beautiful!

  5. Oh such wonderful colors! The yellow, orange, and brown hues remind me of how the rock formations in Blue Mountain would change with the time of the day and the seasons as well. 🙂

  6. I am from N.C and spent time in VA also. So beautiful!
    Just wondering if you can share with me your secret to really sharp, all focused photography. I often find that just a portion of my photos are in really crisp focus. Do you shoot raw or jpeg? Do you think manual or auto focus is best? I use a digital Canon camera…higher grade. my email is Thanks. Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy,
      I confgured my camera with one focus point only, which I can move with controls. When I look at the scene I focus into one third of the scene, this way pretty much all of it will be in sharp focus. In many situations, especially with challanging light, after autofocusing camera I switch my lense to manual focus – this is to ensure that camera does not refocus when I try to take a shot. Depending on the scene, you have to change aperture to accomodate for sharpness, in most situations keeping it around 5.6 to 11 will provide best results, especially if you have scene with foreground and background subjects. Finally, I use different techniques in software to get it look sharper as well. See my HDR101, it shows most of those techniques. Thanks!

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