Portland Oregon

This is from my recent short visit to Portland. I came in late afternoon, stayed there one night and then headed back to Seattle. According to every local that I had a chance to interact on my short photo walk it is very unusual to have clear day in the middle of the winter. So a lot of them enjoyed nice weather and I guess I was lucky too. Clouds were slowly coming in and the following morning we had full overcast with rain.

Portland downtown is not as big as other nearby large cities, it has only a few tall buildings, and they are spread around the downtown area, so it does not have the same “big city” photo ops as Seattle or New York city, but it is very easy to get around it with free tram system and abundance of great restaurants to eat at.

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28 Responses to Portland Oregon

  1. I love what you do with your photos.

  2. That’s a really nice picture.

  3. barbaraweicksel says:

    Great, Great picture…

  4. orples says:

    Nice shot, although that one building looks out of place among its neighbors. I love Portland’s sign with the deer on it.

  5. nickbarban says:

    Fantastic picture. Is it double exposed with a filter on one or did you play with it after. If so, what software are you using. My photography bug is growing exponentially and Picasa is too limiting. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful capture.

  6. kristasta says:

    This is so nice…I love the water and the Portland sign!

  7. truels says:

    Nice work with the blue colors here. And the warm contrasting sky is awesome. Great image!

  8. Tricia Thomas says:

    Thank you for the beautiful portrait of my city!

  9. lrntn says:

    very atmospheric!

  10. Very beautiful, love the colors. I’m definitely visiting there now.

  11. Love the colors of the sky in the background – great shot!

  12. noone commented about the city reflecting on the water…beautiful with such a tiny looking boat

  13. I love your photos! Always beautiful. 😉

  14. rastaphoto says:

    Wow. i wish I can take photos like this someday

  15. GrayMedium says:

    Man, your pictures come out really nice. Keep it up!

  16. Alex Autin says:

    Again your work is completely blowing me away……

  17. The colors in this photo are exquisite!

  18. This is just so beautiful…

  19. Great photo! I’ll be heading to Portland very soon. Any suggestions on what I should see?

  20. Ben Leib says:

    I’ve got a nine day trip to Portland in March, I can only hope it looks this good while I’m there.

  21. This photo is really beautiful – actually, all your photos seem to be beautiful, but just love the sky and the blue-grey colours in this one. Thank you for ‘liking’ some of my photos a while back – I mostly use my photos for research and never know whether they’re good or not, so thanks for the confidence boost. Am inspired by your ‘daily photo’ idea too.

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