We were walking around Charleston historic district when we passed this light. I thought the shadow and the light fixture had pretty cool effect. Sometimes walking random streets and keeping your eyes open can lead to some cool shots. I have no idea where exactly I took it, but I’m sure that this light fixture on this wall, with this shadow is one of a kind.

This is HDR from a single capture. I like how HDR brings out all the textures on the stucco wall and made it really more dynamic. With most of my single shots I try to process them straight in CS5 as well, without HDR, and compare look and feel of them. Sometimes straight processing wins hands down, sometimes HDR is better. In this situation HDR processing was so much more interesting and reminded me of the actual place.

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21 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. Excellent! Looks like a print you could put on your wall and people would think it’s an actual lamp. They might wonder why the light switch don’t turn it on though. Nice work!

    1. thanks. I actully have a print on my wall of a very similar shot I took in Bruges (see under Bruges on the right). Something about it that does not make ne tired to look at it. Maybe its simpicity and clear lines.

  2. The most insignificant things can become art. The contrast of the stippled wall and the smooth glass are already impressive, but then the silhouette of the whole lamp behind the real thing–that’s the icing on the cake.

  3. Great pic. I love reflections, shadows and lamp posts/fixtures too. And a good reminder that I really should learn HDR … among other things, one of these days. So useful especially for landscape

  4. I was scrolling through your gorgeous photos and when I came upon this one I thought… “Whoa, this looks like Charleston”, we recently had the same light installed… Then I read your post… Very cool, it was Charleston. a great city full of photo ops… Next time you’re in the area let me know, I can send you a list of some spectacular places for photos… Out of the way and out of this world! Great job!

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