Good Morning

I’ve never done scheduled posts with making it visible on my blog at some point in the future. For this sunrise shot I want to ‘surprise’ myself with it appearing for me in the morning without me actually doing anything at that time, I’m actually posting it the night before, get it? Not sure why I’m saying it here, because you probably looking at it at some other point during the day and it will not have the same effect. Well, I think I’m doing this just to amuse myself, and if you enjoy the ride, well that’s good too.

Anyhow, this is Atlantic Beach in North Carolina, Thanksgiving Day morning in 2010. It was a nice day.

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    1. Sure, it is aperture priority, focal length 70mm, Aperture f3.3. three brackets at -2, 0, +2. Photomatix, then CS5 cleanup. any other data?

    2. ISO on this one is 160. I usually have it at 200, but I think I was experimenting with ISO speeds that morning. Since it was taken in Aperture priortiy (manually se to f3.3) I didn’t control speed, camera took care of it.

  1. Ha I often schedule my posts. It actually comes in quite handy especially if you know you’re going to be busy (Or just don’t want to get up :D) Beautiful picture!!!

  2. I always schedule my posts… been doing it for almost 2 months, I work on them at night and schedule for the morning… on weekends, I sometimes do a live release just for fun 🙂

    1. you are more orginized than me. most of the time I have to be in the mood to post an image. I usually have a few of them processed on weekends and they seat in my “to be published” folder. then i look at them again and publish the one that I feel the most connection at that given moment.

  3. I love the way the colors reflect in the strip of water-wash left on the sand behind the fisherman…almost as though the sunrise is playing a game with them, trying to distract them with a grand sky display while sneaking up from behind. Only the men don’t even notice because…well…they’re FISHING. Not even the cosmos can compete with that.

    I love the perfect “V” of birds…were they posing for you?

    I can see why you’d want to wake up to this. Scheduled posting is a great tool.

    1. I’d lilke to think they posed it for me, but in reality I think i was shooting non-stop and they were kind enough to fly right into the frame.

  4. Hi,
    As I’m typing this, it is just after 6 am here in Australia, and a beautiful morning as well. 😀
    I love the photo, you just can’t beat early mornings, I would love to have a place like this close enough to just go and have a walk. There is just something about early morning along the beach.

  5. That’s beautiful. I like doing scheduled posts because I know that there are fewer readers online when I write my post at 10:30 pm than there are at say, 9:31 am the next morning.

  6. Beautiful shot, and the processing is great, Dmitrii. I’m amazed the birds in flight turned out so well. Another example of how well Photomatix handles ghosting. Actually, until I read your comment above with the exif information I didn’t realize it was an HDR. This is visual verification of why I love living in North Carolina. I’m going to be camping in Rodanthe in May and will be looking for some opportunities to capture some great sunrises, like this.

    1. We live in a nice state! The birds came from the first bracket, on the third they are pretty much out of frame. Latest version of fotomatix is doing very good job at it. Have fun on your camping trip, I hope you get nice weather with some color in the sky.

  7. Well, I missed this for sunrise, but I’m on the west coast and it’s sunset now so I’m pretending it’s a sunset 🙂 Great picture!!

  8. Awesome photo! Love the variations of color in the clouds….the movement of the water…the birds in flight….the silhouetted fishermen…a totally great photo.

  9. We experienced this too! I understand wanting to pose with your pretty daughter, but we are Asian and an old (almost 🙂 ) couple to boot! Also never quite figured out the victory sign 🙂

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