Seattle Lights

Prior to my recent trip to Seattle I did some research about best spots to get city shots. The most iconic photos are taken either from Kerry Park or from Dr. Jose Rizal Park. While in Seattle I went to both places, twice, to take some photos. Each time they were packed with photographers with their tripods, shooting it away. I think I got a few good shots of the city from those spots as well (coming sometime soon).

One evening I decided to go to the harbor and take some sunset photos. Didn’t see a single photographer with a tripod, just many tourists with their cameras happy snapping away, but none of the serious looking ones from the hills. And for the most part they are right, there are not that many “city” shots from the harbor, unless you are looking for one and mother nature cooperates with you, just like in today’s photo. We had a few rainy days, producing all those water puddles, following with beautiful sunny and clear days. Perfect for reflections. Up to date this is my favorite photo of Seattle. I hope you enjoy it too!

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    1. thanks, this one was taken right after sunset but the skies were still failry light, so it is not trully a night, but I hear what you are saying, I have the same problem with many night shots. Photomatix brings all kind of noise into the dark parts and it is very hard to balance it with the rest of the image.

  1. What a great shot! I love photos like this, and although not a professional photographer myself, have taken a few reflective shots. This one is absolutely gorgeous with the colors and lights and complexity. Thank you so much for sharing your work.

    1. Hi, just for the record I’m not a professional photographer either. I have a pretty cool day job that has nothing to do with photography. This is a hobby to express my inner artistic desires.

  2. Dmitrii, Wonderful shot! And, since you didn’t go where “everyone” goes, yours is unique 🙂 It is so nice when nature turns on her charm and her lights, isn’t it? Especially when you are ready to record it! I love your photos! ~Kyle

  3. I love it. I live Northeast of Seattle and while I haven’t gone looking for the perfect shot yet I appreciate your blog post so that I know to stay away from the ‘hot spots’. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh no, I didn’t say that you need to stay away from the ‘hot spots’, not at all. The views of the city are gorgeous from those spots. Make sure to go and see it. But because they are so popular you’ll see half a dozen or more other guys/gals with tripods taking photos of the city, especially during sunrise and sunset times.

  4. Absolutely breathtaking! We’re thinking of moving to Seattle at some point in the near future – this makes me want to go more! : )

  5. Wow…..seriously, incredible work. It actually looks as though the city was built for this very shot. Your work never ceases to amaze me. And I see why this is your favorite photo of Seattle, it’s mine as well now.

  6. Thanks for your “like” of my landscape 😉 – I must say, that I am impressed by your photos! This is a brilliant image, the colors and reflections are perfect and stunning…

  7. Beautiful! I’m a huge fan of reflections and this is so crystal clear! I’m also interested in reading your how to’s.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  8. I won’t say lovely photo, rather beautiful ART! Coming from a former Seattle-ite (and now living in Alaska) you’ve made magic out of an urban landscape.

  9. Perfect reflection! The HDR rendering is top notch! I am still struggling my way through HDR and your images do really inspired me do work hard!


  10. Great shot! I have a similar one, though the puddle in mine is considerably smaller. We got a kick out this little “park” when we found it!

    1. Over the last ten years I’ve been there a few times before, but never seen or paid attention to the paddles and reflections. I think I’m getting a better eye for these things, at least I hope I do…hehe

  11. Wow, that is stunning! Seattle is one of my favorite cities, so many beautiful views. This one is amazing! Thank you for sharing. ~ Sheila

  12. OMG! This is so great! It looked computer-generated at first but, wow! Not only does a magnificent view exist, but you’ve captured it well too! Great job man! I wish I had your talents!

  13. Amazing site. Thanks for checking out my first business post. I just started a travel “fly with me” blog as well


    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  15. I am new to your blog but like it immensely. I can see why this is your fave Seattle shot to date! Glad you like “In search of unusual destinations”, by the way. All good wishes, Phil.

  16. Wow! Spectacular shot. I love reflections photos. Thanks for dropping by my blog – which led me to see your photos. I’ll look forward to seeing more. Coral

  17. Photo is incroyable! Thanks for checking out one of my blog posts back in April. Obviously my blog photos were mediocre, taken from free web sites. Since I used a $20 Brownie on my 1961 trip mine are generally unexciting; however a few were quite good for an amateur. But yours – that’s another story. And you say its a hobby. Good job.

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