Lavender Valley

If you ever decide to visit Mt Hood, make sure to go there via Hood River. From Portland take scenic roads to Hood River, then from there take Hood River HW (HW35) to the Mt Hood. But don’t just drive it all the way straight, take some exits and explore the Hood River Valley – it is pretty and full with farms producing pears, lavender and many other fruits. If you like one of the best huckleberry jams, then this is the place to buy some.

From many of these farms you’ll be able to see Mt Hood, just like in this photo. We stopped at the farm called “Lavender Valley” to see real growing lavender – first one for me! Real fresh lavender smells pretty nice and you can get some from the shop for your house or buy some lavender oils as well.

Thank you everyone for your comments, I appreciate it very much. btw, you can click on the photo if you like to see it in higher resolution with a lot more details.

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    1. Oregon is a cool state. There is probably enough to do and explorer for every weekend for entire year. I’ve been there only twice and was able to see only a fraction of what it offers.

  1. That’s gorgeous, I love lavender and the colours in this photo are fantastic. I like the large text of your blog by the way, sometimes on blogs the font is so wee I have to peer to see it.

  2. My friend lived in that area and it was cool to drive through the valleys and see the farm lands. I always thought it was cool to see Mt. Hood with snow and we were in temperatures around the 70’s. Great photo! Love the clarity.

    1. about one hour after stopping at this place we went by the Timberline Lodge and hiked a bit in the snow, while folks skiied and snowboarded around us – middle of the summer. How cool is that!

  3. Fantastic picture. I can’t wait for May to come around. I’ve always got a couple of my customers that want a top up of Lavender. Great excuse for me to go to a huge field near me, not unlike the one in the picture (no mountain range sadly – theres a golf course over the road!). have a wonder, sniff and watch the wildlife there. Bring on the spring. Thank you for the fantastic image

      1. Well, with all this talk of lavender, that’s the color of the hills on the mainland side of the Sea of Cortez. Your photography skills could really do that place justice. You should consider going there to take pictures.

  4. The layering of the various elements as they recede into the horizon here are awesome. The distinct colors do their jobs and the textures are icing on the cake. Another beautiful face of Mother Nature.

  5. Love the lavender photo, but your others are so gorgeous, too. Wow! I love the Pike Street Market and Washington, DC ones especially. The DC one is a completely different perspective… so fresh. Thanks–I look forward to following your travels.

  6. Mmmm…reminds me of the lavender cookbook my daughter gave me, and the lemon-lavender cookies and the lavender syrup she made. Delicate, sweet, fragrant….and my boyfriend wouldn’t eat them because he said they tasted like “old lady soap”!

  7. Reminds me the are around our house in Provence–the lavender fields of Sault are spectacular. I didn’t realize we had anything approaching that here in the US! So why can’t we buy delicious lavender honey?! Beautiful shot, and thanks for checking out my blog–glad I found yours.


  8. Never went through the lavender farms when I lived in OR, but seeing this picture reminds me of Sequim, WA and the wonderful purple fields there. What time of the year was this in bloom? Will be in Portland this summer and would love to time it…..

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