Pike Street Public Market

I’d guess that pretty much every visitor to Seattle earlier or later ends up at this market. Pretty cool place to stroll by and maybe even get some fresh seafood, fruit or some time type of souvenir.

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37 Responses to Pike Street Public Market

  1. Nicely done! I’d like to see what’s inside.

  2. Nice shot and processing

  3. love the atmospheric clouds!

  4. amidstmod says:

    really nice shot. I love when the clouds have that great dynamic range.

  5. jubbiz says:

    That sky looks incredible!!

  6. wiffer says:

    I love that place

  7. Very interesting picture, I don’t know where to look first 🙂

  8. scillagrace says:

    Great picture…great memories! (Ah, salmon jerky!)

  9. Alex Autin says:

    Awesome! I can’t decide what’s more interesting…the sky…the eerie lighting…the market…the people….the buildings….the neon…that amazing clock…or that tiny square of white light coming from the end of the farmers market. All together it has a very dream-like quality. Great work!

  10. SR Dryja says:

    I used to live in Seattle and this view was quite common for me but this is the best picture I’ve ever seen taken of it. It is almost surreal, like a painting. Lovely!

  11. Ninali says:

    Ah how I miss Seattle and Pike’s!! Beautifully done…makes me feel like I am right back there 😉

  12. Love the “animated” feel of this shot. You made a very ordinary location pop with action and life.

  13. Love that contrast of colors. And the capture of the sky is brilliant. There’s just something about stormy-looking skies that grab me every time!

  14. ~mimo~ says:

    Great shot! Interesting place!

  15. aqueoussun says:

    Very nicely done….

  16. Robin says:

    Very cool. I like the processing.

  17. Filipino Festival says:

    Reblogged this on Frank X-Ray.

  18. Judy says:

    Stunning photo! I really love the churning clouds! There’s so much movement in them! Awesome.

  19. Bill says:

    Amazing! One of the best pictures of the Market that I’ve seen. Great job.

  20. Spectacular shot – a beautiful capturing of one of my favorite places. I live just 90 miles north of Seattle and love going down to visit the market on the weekends.

  21. You captured some incredible colors! Beautiful work.

  22. The image look sureeal. I think it’s fabulous.
    Very artistic ….

  23. jmpix says:

    love the sky and cool tones…great hdr…are you using photomatix or photoshop for processing? great work

  24. zannyro says:

    Just outstanding! You’re work is amazing! I also appreciate your willingness to post your equipment info. I’m looking for something smaller than my Nikon D300 and to see the results you get with the D90 is really helpful….but oh my you’re talented!

  25. Ashley says:

    Great picture! When I have layovers for work in Seattle I walk the few short blocks to the market and stroll. I’ve seen many shots like this but yours takes the cake!

  26. Lovely shot – light, neons, nuance and atmosphere.

  27. Niko says:

    Awesome photo – especially like how the sky looks 🙂

  28. I have no idea what this place looks like when you walk by it on an average day, but the light you’ve captured it in gives it an unique atmosphere. The neon signs look out of place in the daytime, but are beautifully projected on the deep gray clouds. The whole thing makes me think of a theater decor. Really nice.

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