Getting Ready for Business

Young Chinese, or maybe she is Uyghur – highly unlikely as she is wearing pants, girl is getting ready for business in Urumqi China. I believe those are apples or some type of other fruit, covered in some kind of glazing, probably sold for about 30-40 cents (2-3 Chinese Yuan) per stick. We just visited Hong Shan Park (Red Mountain) and were walking back to our hotel when I saw her standing along near this decaying apartment building, patiently getting ready for another round of selling cycle, hoping to make a bit of living on whatever tiny profit margin she will get from it.

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9 Responses to Getting Ready for Business

  1. Alex Autin says:

    As interesting as she is, and she IS interesting, the building, sidewalk, and street are equally interesting. Very nice shot!

  2. peytonsmythe says:

    Wow, a person can tell a whole story just from describing the picture. I like that.

  3. vitacaptus says:

    Love how the fruit is pretty much the same color as the building trim. Great contrast and great image!

  4. I like the building colors and the contrast there

  5. thirdeyemom says:

    Great photo which really tells it how it is. They sell these things everywhere in Beijing. I think it is fruit but never tried it myself. I have some pictures of them on my blog under a post I did on Beijing eats. I noticed that these are quite popular in China as everyone around me was eating them. They just didn’t look that good to me. But then again, they looked better then the scorpions and sea horses I saw for sale on a stick!

  6. wiffer says:

    Nice colors!

  7. Layinka says:

    This is a beautiful shot! All we need now is a griot. Thanks for sharing!!! xx Layinka

  8. helen liu says:

    It is called” Bing Tang HuLu” in Chinese, Fresh Hawthorns are joined together with a wood stick , then cover them with boiled sugar, it is most popular in Beijing.

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