Sweet Cherry

Any folks from Minneapolis here? It is a very nice city. Not sure about winter, but I’ve been there twice during other warmer seasons and it was a blast. Last time, about eighteen month ago, while visiting friends we stopped by the Sculpture Park near the Walker Museum. The name of the park is very ‘original’, hehe, as it is full of different funky sculptures, for example Framing Your Mind was taken at this park as well.

Cherry fountain is another cool sculpture. I like that you can see tiny little drops of water in front of the cherry.

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25 thoughts on “Sweet Cherry

  1. I live in Minneapolis, my husband and I got married in the Sculpture Garden, when it comes to winters, well this year has been okay, but last year was pretty bad!

    1. Privet! Yes, I heard that last winter was really cold with a lot of snow. We didn’t have any snow here in low country NC, some in the mountains but nothing where I live.

  2. I live on Minneapolis! And I love the sculpture garden and so much more! I have written about minni in my thirdeyemom blog as well as Diary of A Happy Mom. If you. One again, let me know and I can tell you what you’ve got to do and see. Winter. An be an amazing time to visit and there is a lot to do and take pics of!

  3. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog! I like yours too. You take beautiful and intriguing photos. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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