Where The Wild Things Are

I don’t know if there are any big wild things are living on the Ruby beach, but it sure like a place that can be a perfect place for them.

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving comments, I’m trying to answer most of them when I can. This image is better viewed in higher resolution, just click on it to see if from my photo gallery.

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39 thoughts on “Where The Wild Things Are

    1. it is a nice place, plan your day to spend a lot of time in the car as it is good 4 hours away from Seattle and not much around there, if you want to stay near by.

  1. Thank you all for your comments! This was a fun place to visit, I hope next time I’ll be able to spend a bit more time there and explore different hikes.

  2. A spectacular shot of an exquisite location. Well done, sir! And thanks for coming by my blog and introducing yourself–I’ll enjoy looking around here a lot more.
    Best to you,

  3. This is totally amazing, I love it! I’m probably missing something but where is Ruby Beach? I want to go there! A couple of years ago I saw a photo similar to this one on my blog http://cazbag.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/hot-air-balloons.jpg and I just wanted to go there for myself so next year, I did. Sometimes random looking at other people’s even stranger’s stuff online can change your life. Butterfly wing flapping and all that. Anyway, it’s past midnight and I better try to sleep if I want this jetlag to wear off. Too-da-loo.

  4. Love it…
    so beautiful
    and loved the Chinese lady one too
    Thanks for liking my photos
    Please check my painting’s blog

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