Miss Rita

I like how captains name their boats after woman they love. Whether it is their wife, daughter, mother or mistress, most boats have female names and have some meaning to their owner. Like in this instance it is a working fishing boat, going every day into Atlantic ocean for a daily catch to be served at the restaurant behind my back. I bet there is a woman named Rita working in that restaurant, cooking food or overseeing its operations. I can’t recall the name of the place but they served some good sea food.

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16 thoughts on “Miss Rita

  1. Nice shot. All the angles contribute to the feeling of movement. Is the horizon level? If not, you appear to have gotten away with it in this shot, but watch that carefully. Most shots are not so forgiving.

  2. Very nice image. Love the colors and the detail in the boat especially. I agree with what leereed says, it doesn’t really look like the horizon is level here (It could just be the water and differen’t sizes of boats playing tricks on the eyes), but in this case it adds a great feeling of motion. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photograph.

    1. hmm, I think it is a visual effect, with docks on the right sticking higher then on the left. Also here for me it was more important to get this boat into the frame than making horizon absolutley leveled, if it is not. This was taken at 14mm, as wide as I could get, getting it all in was a challange.

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