Ever Sunshine in Erie?

Right before Christmas we went to see relatives in NorthEast PA. It is a suburb of Erie. For three mornings in the row I got up early – thankfully it is not so early in December – and drove up to the Presque Isle State Park in hopes of getting sunrise shot with the lighthouse over the Lake Erie. Nope. No such luck. Every morning was grey and miserable with no sign of the sun. Sun would be coming right behind the lighthouse, so I took this photo to remember what did not happen.

I heard many gun shots while at the park. A lot of hunters are out there during this time of the year. PA actually has lottery for hunting license to this park. Not sure what they hunt for, probably deer or maybe turkey.

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29 thoughts on “Ever Sunshine in Erie?

  1. I like the shot, even without the sun in it. The almost matching colors of the sky and water blend together, so the path out to the Lighthouse stands out even more. Great photo. Thanks for sharing.

    1. As is in any lighthouse the light is moving around, I probably took at least a dozen photos, with only one or two at the perfect reflection time. Thanks!

    1. I hear you, I was kind of ‘looking’ around for stray bullets as well. It is all regulated and they probably not allowed to shoot in certain directions, but never know.

  2. This photo is way better than the sunrise photo would have been. The blues contrasting with the red light and reflection…perfect. Nice composition and minimalism too. I’ve meant to take the drive to Erie last summer and never made it but I like it in winter when there’s less people around.

    1. Well, Erie is not that exciting, really, not sure if you missed whole a lot. I was at the same spot during last summer and it was packed with people. It is the place to go if you are in Erie and weather is nice.

  3. Gorgeous shot, even without (or maybe especially without) the sun.

    I visited Presque Isle State Park last winter and it was a very different scene. Lake Erie was frozen over and there were ice dunes along the shore. It looked like a scene from the Arctic Circle.

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