Nubble Light and HDR Tutorial

Third Part of HDR 101 is Published

The third part in my HDR 101 tutorial is published. It talks about how to use CS5 to give your HDR image little extra punch. You can see it at Beautiful HDR – Step 3.

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Nubble Light

Couple weeks ago I published photo of the Nubble Light but named it after the park it is located at. Thanks to one of our visitors (Jane Lurie) for providing me with the correct name for this lighthouse – Nubble Light.

As part of my HDR 101 tutorial I used another photo from that day, with different foreground. As you can see we were there during low tide and I was able to get on some rocks with slightly different perspective than previous photo. Here you can actually see that Nubble Light is located on a little island. They have a little cable car – hard to see on the smaller image – on the left side of the island, it is probably the only way they get on and off the island.

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19 thoughts on “Nubble Light and HDR Tutorial

  1. Wow! That’s a truly beautiful shot! You do some amazing work. Keep it up!! And thanks for sharing your knowledge. I like reading how other photographers manage their workflow.

  2. Beautifully done! Creating HDR images with moving water is difficult because blending the different exposures can create some strange effects in the waves and the ripples on the water. This has been handled nicely in this shot. I love all of the detail in both the highlights and the shadows. This is a very inspiring image!

  3. I’m a big fan of this- your lighting, color, and composition are all great. Thanks for sharing your processing tips- I also just got into HDR in the last year. I will be sure to try out some of your advice. Good luck out there shooting.

  4. That is a breathtaking photo of Nubble. I was there a couple months ago (one of many, many times) and the tide was so low that you actually could have walked over to the island. (We did not, because you are not supposed to).

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