Step Back

Not because you are going to fall into the Niagara Falls, but because I think this one is best appreciated from a bit of a distance, just like a painting. For even better effect click on it to open the higher resolution for the entire screen and then take one step back.  Thanks for stopping by!!!

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52 thoughts on “Step Back

  1. Like the lure of most beautiful rivers, your photo has captured the essence of a vortex calling for us to jump into the lovely abyss. Who can’t feel the allure of this flowing call, tempting our resistance fo fall into the middle of it all?

  2. Breathtaking B click , this is huge and superb photograph , ! this definitely deserves a brilliant title .

    “Tumbling through the air, so brief and unnoticed,
    Underappreciated and ignored, left in pristine form
    Exposed surfaces rippling as though being pushed inward
    Though never separating into two like pieces
    Just clear, brilliant simplicity, as no other more finely displays
    Natures’ brilliance comes in many a form,
    Though some more obvious than others, as you may find
    It takes no more than a mere aqua drip to set free the mind
    by Robert c. Davis “

  3. Great photography all around. I love coming here and visiting. With that said, I was stunned by the Falls photo. Totally engrossing. Thanks for adding something to my day.

  4. Thanks for dropping by my site and I decided to follow your blog because I enjoy your work. In a weird way, what we do is similar. Maybe it is that way with any athlete or artist. What you photograph is there and anyone can view it. One person might just see something as a wall with a nice sky but you can see the elements and you can work with the angles until you find a great way to present it. Sadly, I lack this ability! When I surf, I am surfing the same waves everyone else is riding but where one person just sees a wall of water, I see the folds in the wave and how the currents are moving across it. So I feel where to place my turns on the wave and it works out better for me than the average guy in the water.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I tried surfing in Costa Rica and didn’t have much success, but as with anything it requires dedication and time commitment. Same as photography. Have fun!

  5. Amazing picture! I had never been there before and had always been wanting to go! Now that your picture makes me more eager to go there like pretty soon!

  6. I think I have stood just where you took that photo from. It was daylight and therefore stunning for a different reason, but your picture really captures that sense of flow. Nice one.

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