Exploring Charleston

For anyone who does not like to walk a lot or travel with small kids and want to see more of historic Charleston will find horse carriage tours very useful. I took one with my daughter a few years back and it was a cool way to see this beautiful holy city. Most tours depart from the Market street. From my observation Charleston probably has at least 3-4 different companies providing this service, some with smaller and more intimate setting, some much bigger. Another interesting part is that there are a few different routes that this carriage can take, some are more interesting than others, but it is not up to he carriage driver to decide which one to take. Before departure they have to go through a little check out booth, where City appointed person will tell them which route they have to take. There are a lot of carriages and they don’t want to send all of them to the same route. So it is a bit of a lottery for all the riders on what they are going to see on their specific trip.

Here is one of the carriages passing by me on a nice bright sunny day. Do you think those kids paying attention to anything their guide talks about or they are more interested in what happens on the street, ie some guy crouching down and doing something odd with a three legged eye glass?

Click me!

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10 Responses to Exploring Charleston

  1. wiffer says:

    The kids definitely you far more interesting than that church and its architectural style!

  2. Chuck Wentworth says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog. You have great pics on this site and I’m partial to Charleston, because that’s where I live. Very cool.

    Thanks again- I look forward to checking out more of your stuff.


  3. Robin says:

    Lovely image. 🙂

  4. That is such a great photo. And I love the architecture of the building in the background. Wonderful post

  5. Dmitrii says:

    Thanks all! Taking it was a spur of a moment idea. Those cariages are moving fast and I already took photo of the churches, then it showed up from around the corner… had to get into shooting mode very quick to get it into the frame.

  6. Glamorholic says:

    Wow. Amazing picture.

  7. janeluriephotography says:

    This is my hometown. Wonderful perspective catching the horse drawn carriage and the church together. Captures the importance of visitors to the Holy City…

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