Sohier Park Lighthouse

Winter Anywhere?

Not sure about other parts of the country, but here in NC winter is yet to arrive. Going to be 65F today. Beginning of the week was looking promising with cold front coming in and some snow in the mountains. I was even contemplating to hit some slopes at Sugar and maybe take some winter mountain shots. Well, it is more like spring here now, with winter is yet to arrive. Of course we have about 6-7 more weeks for some potential wintery action, maybe it is still coming.

York Maine – Sohier Park Lighthouse

Today shot is from Maine. Last Spring we did a quick day trip from Boston to Portland and I took a few photos of this little island at Sohier Park. Cute isn’t it?

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34 thoughts on “Sohier Park Lighthouse

    1. New England is a beatiful part of the country. I only been there a few times, each on a short weekend trips. Need to go and explorer it a bit more.

  1. I had to share this with my Mother… she’s from Cape Cod and totally loved the lighthouse photo, its truly gorgeous

  2. Hello, thanks for the like on my post about Conwy, Wales. Loving your photographs and will check out more of them throughout the coming weeks. What do you shoot with? I’m shooting with a Rebel XTi

    1. hi, thanks for stopping by as well. I use Nikon D90. you can check my page “IN MY BAG”, it lists what I use at the moment to craft this photos.

  3. Great shot! I’m hearing from folks back in the U.S. that the weather is playing “opposite day” with the temperature based on norms this time of year…of course, it’s always toasty here in Manila! Keep shooting!

  4. I love your photography! I wish I can take pictures just as well as you can! I do not have the patience to tinker with all the camera settings and stuff. hahaha. Come to the Philippines! Our beaches will make from a great subject 😉

  5. I live in Massachusetts and we often visit coastal Maine, so I’ve seen the Sohier Park Lighthouse a number of times. This is a really good shot of it. Thanks for liking my post “A Near Death Experience” and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your photography here.

  6. Hi
    I spent many summers here and have always called this spot Nubble Light. One of the most photographed, beautiful lighthouses on the east coast. You’ve captured it beautifully. I do hope you had a lobster roll while sitting on the rocks watching the scene! Cheers.

    1. thanks for providing the correct name! I looked it up originally on the map and it is located in Sohier park, so I named it after that park. Looks like it has a diferent name.

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