Pittsburgh Lights

I have heard that Pittsburgh has less sunny days than Seattle. Everyone thinks that Seattle is pretty gloomy, where would it put Pittsburgh then? We were driving through Pittsburgh and I really wanted to get a shot of it. As you can guess, it was rainy and gloomy and not very pleasant outside. Also, it was right around midnight too. But if one wants to get a photo, one should get a photo, no matter what the outside conditions are out there, right?

So here you go, the first photo from that night. This one is definitely better viewed in higher resolution.

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35 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Lights

  1. Great photo! I think Pittsburgh gets a bum rap. It’s really a lovely city, and that view when you emerge from the tunnel, especially at night, is magnificent. Where were you when you shot this?

    1. Thanks! We were at the top of the mountain near the sculpture – two people, not sure who they are, was too dark and rainy to pay attention to it.

  2. Looks like a photo you’d see in a magazine….or framed on the wall of the Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce! Well done, Dimitrii.

    1. I know, it is a bit nuts, but getting those photos in different places is not an easy task, so have to take advantage of opportunities whenever I have one, which does not happen to often.

  3. i lived in Pittsburgh for 5 years and its such a nice place to live….great to the burgh from your lens…you have great photos..

    pittsburgh has 4 season which you won’t find it anywhere, winter, winter, more winter and road construction…..:D

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