Niagara Falls Fireworks

Couple weeks ago we went to see relatives in Erie PA. Since it was so close to Niagara Falls (100 miles or so), I decided to make a half day trip to it and take a few photos. I was there a few years ago during summer and they had some spectacular fireworks, so naturally I wanted to see if I can see it this time as well. The fireworks are done on the Canadian side and most of the Falls activities are on the Canadian side as well. During winter they only do them once a week on Fridays. This year it was one day before Christmas, so I thought they will have a spectacular show. I made sure I have my passport, put camera in the back seat, and took a short trip to the border.

Usually it takes no more than 2-3 minutes to pass through the passport control. I’ve been to Canada at least dozen times, spent a lot of money there at Whistler/Blackcomb, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Niagara Falls. Not so fast this time. I guess a single driver who lives in NC and happens to be in the area and wants to see Niagara Falls triggers all kind of alarms by the Canadian border control agents. Especially if driver happens to work in software consulting industry. No matter that he works for one of the largest software companies in the world, meaning he is not an independent consultant and don’t do odd jobs. But, according to Canadian border control he must be trying to sneak into the country and steal high paying jobs from true Canadians. So it took about 45 minutes, conversation with three different agents, search of my empty car to convince them that going to Canada to see Niagara Falls and Friday night Fireworks is not such a crazy or uncommon idea and that I have no intentions to stay in Canada.

And you know what? Fireworks lasted about 3 minutes, just about three times short of my expectations, and was nothing what I expected them to be. Maybe those agents knew it and were wondering why would someone come all the way to see 3 minutes of not so spectacular fireworks. Regardless, even though it was short, I managed to hike around Niagara River before sunset, take a few shots of sunset over the Falls and saw fireworks. The trip was totally worth it and I’ll do it again if ever going to be in the area.

If you never been there, to the left is Canada, to the right is USA. The pink on the right is USA side Niagara Falls. The horse shoe Falls is right behind me, just imagine it for now till I process what I have and share it here.

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13 thoughts on “Niagara Falls Fireworks

  1. Too bad about the fireworks. I always wanted to get to Niagara Falls but I still haven’t. I guess i take it for granted being from NYC and its so close.

    This photo made me more motivated to get up there!

    1. NYC to Niagara Falls is about 400 miles, I’d not consider it to be in my backyard. Good 6+ hours of driving. I’d like to be there one day when it is like so freezing that Falls are half frozen – it would be an interesting photography. Not this winter though.

  2. I love the idea of fireworks over a waterfall but it’s a shame you didn’t find these ones as enjoyable as the last time you saw them. How annoying about passport control too! Ah well.

  3. Sometimes, it’s not even you but a possible anonymous threat that makes you the lucky one randomly detained. When I came back to Canada from Scandinavia by way of the States, they searched every single thing, including opening cosmetics!

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