Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! Thanks for stopping by last year and I hope you’ll be coming back this year! Hopefully we will see some cool new and old places and all of our resolutions come true! Smile

Couple nights ago we ate dinner at the Noisy Oyster in Charleston SC. This place is located on the corner of East Bay street and Market street and it is nothing to look at from outside. Very kind of blah corner building, especially with all of their windows closed for the winter season. But you go in and it is a very different story, I tried to capture it from my seat, see it for yourself.

Click me! Click me!

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks! And they really had some huge oysters. In the summer time they open windows and it is a cool place to watch people on the street, passing by.

  1. I love this picture, the way you captured the motion. Charleston is one of my favorite places in the world, and I’m headed there in a couple weeks. Perhaps I’ll try out the Noisy Oyster. Great photo!

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