Eat Her Raw…Opps…Eat It Raw

I do love to eat raw oysters, going to eat some tonight or tomorrow night as we are going to Charleston SC for New Years Eve. This place can be found much more South than Charleston, all the way in Key West. It is casual and confortable place, just like pretty much the rest of the Key West. There is a reflection of someone in one of the windows, I was trying to figure out if it was me or someone else, it is somewhat a wrong angle for my reflection, but there were literally no people at this early morning. Hmm, morning ghosts of Key West.

As you can see it is one of those cloudless sunrises, with sun popping up over the horizon and making it very uneventful morning. I had one this morning as well, this time in St Augustine Fl.

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13 thoughts on “Eat Her Raw…Opps…Eat It Raw

  1. The reflection is intriguing… perhaps a closer look will reveal what it might be. I agree it may not be your reflection based on the angle and it also looks as if both arms are at the side of whatever or whomever it is. Very interesting…..

    1. After examining high resolution image (you can do it too at it looks like some kind of sculpture of a man, looking like a zombie. I don’t remember any statues there, but its been a while…

  2. It may have been an uneventful morning, but I like how you captured the sunrise light. It looks almost as if I could walk into the photo.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love taking pictures and sharing them too, which means on our hikes we usually have to add an hour or two to the hiking time because of picture-taking. Never had raw oysters before, something I will try sometime (trouble is not a lot of good, fresh seafood in Southern Ontario). Love the colours captured in this picture – looking forward to more of your photos in 2012. Happy New Year!

  4. Don’t you just hate the dreaded “uneventful” sunrise. Been there done that. I always say if you were never there you could not have gotten the shot. Heres to a successful 2012. Oh …yeah… it is a “key west zombie” they are everywhere!!! 🙂

    1. yep, that is what my wife said – Key West Zombie. My daughter (who os almost 16 and never been to Key West) on the other hand just said that it is a scultpure and there are no such things as zombies.

  5. Beautiful shot! One of my favorite places for oysters and Shocktop here in Key West. Their shuffleboard table is a little skewed but nothing another beer won’t fix. 🙂 Love how you caught the reflection of the sculpture of our Key West Wrecker in the window.

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