About five minutes after taking this photo, I was on the other side of the monument walking back to the Lincoln memorial, I heard the familiar sound of helicopters. Everyone else heard it too and then we saw three helicopters approaching from the south towards the White House. Presidential helicopters. They approached quickly, passed over our heads and then one of them took to the left, another to the right, but one slowly descended at the lawn in front of the White House. Everyone was watching. Everyone was trying to get a glimpse of who is going to come out from it. Too far. From where we were you can’t see any detail all the way at the White House. Still, everyone was looking in the same direction. Some had cameras out trying to zoom in. Too far.

You know what I was thinking? – Damn, I wish I was still back at that spot where I was five minutes ago.

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    1. Наташ привет, спасибо! В тот день было сложно не сделать хорошую фотку. Солнце и облака были прекрасны.

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