It is a cool name, isn’t it, SNOB. Sounds like a nice place to have a dinner. It definitely looked cool in late evening and fairly photogenic. I’m usually not into fine dining when traveling, don’t have right attire and usually don’t want to spend a lot, but this place, according to their web site is super cool and prices are not so high. Hmm, maybe next time in Charleston I’ll actually go in and taste their food.

Click me!

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9 Responses to S.N.O.B.

  1. I know this place….great food, prices are fair, and the people are awesome.


  2. Kathryn says:

    Looks very inviting, although I think the cost of getting there would make it a very expensive option for me! Who knows…. I hope one day I might make it across the pond!

  3. michaeltuuk says:

    Nice work. Just how I like HDRs — clean and sharp, not overdone (although I like the occasional over-the-top image).

  4. urbancurator says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post. You are a very talented photographer – I especially love this photo of S.N.O.B.

  5. Lovely photo and use of HDR with an interesting angle. This restaurant is well worth a visit next time you’re in town!

    • Dmitrii says:

      I was there back for New Years eve and walked by the SNOB during bright day time – if I didn;t take that shot couple month ago, I’d not even notice it during the day.

  6. Love all your shots of Charleson. I photographed there about a month ago. Wonderful to see the city through someone else’s eyes! Great work!

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