Sunset Cruise

Honestly I can’t remember where I took this photo. It is one of these two places: Key West or Biscayne Bay Miami. I took it just about one year ago on our vacation in south Florida. We drove down from Miami to Key West for Christmas and returned back to Miami on our way to the Marco Island. I took a lot of photos during that vacation, so sometimes it might get confusing, what is where.

Thanks folks for visiting and viewing my photography. Your comments are appreciated. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you can click on the photo and it will open in my photo gallery where I have the same image but at a higher resolution. So if you have a big monitor, you might enjoy it better than the small one below.

BTW, I did not plan it, but just realized that yesterday’s photo and today’s photo are on diagonally opposite points. Nothing significant about it, but still kind of interesting that I processed them in this order.

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26 thoughts on “Sunset Cruise

    1. thanks! my wife thinks that it is in Key West, and I just looked at the time stamp, which I should have done to beging with and it was taken while we were in Key West. She is right, at least this time, haha.

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