Seattle Space Needle

Today I booked my ticket for Seattle. Going back there on a business trip in just about 6 weeks. Planning to make a short detour to Whistler/Blackcomb for some snowboarding action and maybe some big mountain photography. Hopefully weather cooperates with me on that trip. I’ve been to BC a few times and it is either super duper rainy and grey or absolutely dead gorgeous. Pretty much 50-50 split. And I will try to make across the harbor to check out downtown Seattle as well, will it look like that in the middle of winter?

Click me!

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7 Responses to Seattle Space Needle

  1. Jenny says:

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Seattle! i went there for the very first time in October. Went out to dinner at the Space Needle. Best night of my entire life.

  2. xinapray says:

    Gorgeous shot! It has been gray and cloudy for the past week or so. But if you are lucky, there will be clear or partly cloudy skies. When the sun is able to break through, the light is gorgeous! When will you be here? One of my favorite things to view is moonrise over the city.

  3. I went to Seattle in 2007 but I didn’t take a photo like this one. 😦
    Thank you for sharing with us. I like it!

  4. Paul Coffin says:

    Did you have a code you were wanting to give away from HDR Spotting? If so, thanks in advance.


  5. Shinji says:

    My favorite place is Seattle is an open space cafe (, where to have breakfast or a quick lunch. If you have time, you may also take the scenic train to Vancouver. It is an amazing experience, and it takes just a couple of hours!

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