In a few Months

I usually don’t post any photos taken around my house. They are not travel destinations and you can’t see them even if you like them. Today I made an exception to this rule.

Every Fall I try to plant tulip and daffodil bulbs in my backyard, as many as I can. I planted tulips a few weeks ago and today I finally got around and planted this’s year batch of daffodils – around 250-300 of them. All in the forestry area, inside the ivy and on the edge of the ivy and grass. Last year I did the same around stone walk into the forest. A few month later nature delivered remarkable results and provided us with very nice show of yellow and green. I hope that the new batch combined with matured daffodils from the last few years will give us a sea of yellow, just in about three month from now. Can’t wait. Now, where is my IPA?

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