Good Morning Charleston

Did I already say somewhere that Charleston is awesome?  Couple weeks ago we scored great deal at Mills House hotel in historic downtown, only a few minutes walk to the Battery Street. So naturally, I dragged my lovely wife out of bed for some sunrise photos. She doesn’t mind, she likes to get up early. It was a start to a very nice day, I wish we had more days like this down there. We both agreed that it would be a good place to live.

Click me! I look better in large format!

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5 Responses to Good Morning Charleston

  1. wiffer says:

    That’s right- lovely wife! I do enjoy getting up with you- some days it’s harder than others though. xooxox

  2. Joan Perry says:

    It is indeed a good place to live. Nice to see it through your eyes.

  3. This is a “wow” photo! Love it! Yes, Charleston is a wonderful place to live…I hope to move back one day!

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