Flying Lights

This is a good spot to watch air planes landing into National Airport.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please discontinue using electronic devices… Yes, this applies to you too…”

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7 thoughts on “Flying Lights

  1. Beautiful!

    My wife and I were considering visiting Washington, DC this year. I haven’t checked out the local laws but I hear that since 9/11 it is illegal to photograph monuments like these, and those those caught have been fined, arrested or simply driven off. It’s hard to believe but stranger things have happened so I now have to wonder.

    I’ve also heard of any photographer who merely looks pro by carrying a tripod or reasonably large camera bag can get hounded by police or bylaw officers insiting that permits be obtained in order to shoot these buildings. Is there any truth to this?

    1. hmm, not sure, I have heard the same, but I never tried to take photos of federal buildings, or embasies or whatever. you can take as much photos as you like anywhere around National Mall or any other touristy area. there are hundreds of thousand of tourists come to the capital and all of them have some type of camera and all take pictures. as you can see i have dozen or so photos from DC area, all around famous landmarks or just around the city. never had a problem.

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