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Fresh Look

After using this blog for more than a year in its pretty much default configuration I finally got around and did some visual changes to it. I think it looks so much better now with my personal little touch. One other change I’d like to do is to make comments link a bit more standing out, but other than changing the entire wordpress theme I have not figured out how to do this just via CSS.

Up in North West

This is almost the same spot as I took this photo. It was looking towards North-West. Here we are looking south. After I took this photo we hiked back to the car and drove south to Ruby Beach and then back to Seattle, where we started earlier that day. A lot of driving, but it was worth it. The natural beauty of the Pacific North West is incredible. I would not mind doing some kayaking around those rocks and explorer little caverns with bird nests and other cool wildlife. Maybe on my next visit.

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28 thoughts on “Cape Flattery

        1. Hi, finally back with some Internet access. So first of all, this is HDR, which means multiple exposures. My camera is Nikon D90 and it can only do three of them. I usually do -2, 0 and +2. The settings were set to the following: Aperture priority, F/9.5, ISO 200 and Focal Length 14mm. Then fisrt it was processed via Photomatix Pro and then put through some fine tuning in CS5. I was happy with result and I’m glad that a lot of other folks are liking it too.

  1. Really nice shot. The Pacific Northwest is on my short bucket list for places to explore with my camera once I retire from my day job in a couple of years. Excellent work with the HDR also!

  2. If only I had just a smidgeon of your photographic talent! I like your blog and photos too, the Whippets would like to come and stay with you as you would make them look the handsome dogs they are, whereas I struggle!

  3. Beautiful photo and gorgeous blog! I love the them you use! The colors are brilliant and the little seagulls are adorable! Like you, I would like to change my blog a bit but configuring CSS is not a skill of mine.

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