The Six Pence Pub

I’ve been to Savannah a few times and on my visits I like to bring bikes so we can ride around the town. Savannah is flat and it is easy on your legs to pedal around it. This is the best way to explorer all of the Savannah’s 22 Squares. All of them unique in its own way and without a bike it will take you really forever to see all of them.

The Six Pence Pub is located near Chippewa Square. On my previous visit couple years ago we had dinner here, not bad at all. This time we wanted to have dinner by the river, but I could not resist from taking this picture while we biked back from the Forsyth Park to the river district. Maybe next time I’ll eat here again – fish&chips – isn’t it what they mostly eat in British pubs?

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9 thoughts on “The Six Pence Pub

  1. 1- I like the new logo piece up top
    2- it was lunch the last time we ate at the SiX Pence- that’s where Katia stole my pickle with her decptive, “Look, it’s a horse!” move.
    3- It’s a great shot!

  2. Hahahaha, it is a beautiful picture, and mainly because in all my years of being English never have I seen a pub that looks like that! It looks brilliant! So clean and civilised! We should do stuff like that here in the UK! And, no, fish ‘n’ chips are rubbish in pubs, best off going to a chippie for that…

    1. I’ve been to London only once 12 years ago and it was a business trip, all I can remember is that we had some fish&chips at some bar. I actually never eat fish&chips in US, there are usually better choices on menu.

  3. Nice picture, PollyAnna can not have been in an English pub in twenty years. Most are really well run, welcoming and serve food as good as anywhere. A well done fish and chips is a wonderful meal.
    All the best

  4. Hi Dmitrii! This looks like another of these blogs where I could lose a few hours. I have friends who regularly visit Savannah and have only good things to say. Thanks for stopping by mine

  5. Love the photos, make mine look like snaps now ! am also English and I have seen pubs like that, but perhaps minus Union flag

    Now I do eat fish & chips in some pubs, depends on pub really, this one is great, the fish market is just round the corner for local catch landing, so it is very fresh, and a great view of passing ships as well, ideal to while away an afternoon supping pints

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