Lavender Row

About 30 minutes north from the Mt Hood there are a few lavender farms. They are pretty darn awesome. I believe this farm is called “Lavender Valley”, probably because Mt Hood is in its backyard, day and night. No Mt Hood in it today, but it is coming sometime soon. This is a bee paradise, they are swirling all over these flowers collecting some sweet honey. You can see a few of them in this photo as well. We got some lavender oil and some bags with smelly flowers for presents back home. This area is probably very popular with Portlanders, nice place to have second vacation home or a small cabin for weekend getaways.

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2 Responses to Lavender Row

  1. wow – i love this image and would like to be in that field. No wonder lavender and yellow go so well together.

  2. Dmitrii says:

    that farm is amazing, I’ll need to process couple other photos, showing the whole span of it, with Mt Hood in the background. hopefully will get to it in the next week

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