Orange, Blue and Grey

Weekend is here and I’m trying to decide what to do. One option is to drive up to the mountains and see what’s going on up there, but I’m afraid by now all colors are gone and it does not look anything like todays photo. Another option is potentially take an overnight trip to the coast, longer drive and will require hotel expense. The third option is to stay home, chill, process some photos, rake some leaves in the yard and go to the Y. Hmm. What its gonna be.

This photo was taken from the “hikers” hike at the Grandfather  mountain. If you drive up to the top of the mountain and plan to hike then they want you to park at the hikers parking lot. From there you can take one of the two routes – to the left and  it will take you to the bridge or to the right and it will take you on the real hike all the way up and to the McRae peak and profile hike. So here we are at fairly high altitude, high for NC, looking East into the lower country. Blue Ridge Parkway is somewhere below us, not visible from this spot.

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5 thoughts on “Orange, Blue and Grey

  1. we planned to be visit this place last month but we didnt go because of the bad weather 🙁
    this photo is lovely, makes me want to cry for missing it!

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