Fall at Salem Lake

Yesterday evening we went for a short walk at Salem Lake to see if they fixed the dam and if the lake is still deflated. The dam is nowhere near completion and water levels at its lowest levels, but the fall colors are still in full force, just as I was hoping for.

Today I processed two of them from last night and decided to post both of them at the same time.

I did not plan to take a photo with someone jogging, but when this dude showed up I kept pressing the shutter. I ‘m glad he did, it gives this photo some dynamic and a bit more of a foreground focus. Sun was going down but with super clear skies it was very bright, you can witness it by the reflection from the lake.

Click me!

This was taken before the first photo, the light at this spot was superb, illuminating fall colors, so I could not resist but take some photos. I hope you  enjoy a bit of fall colors as much as I do.

Click me!

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4 Responses to Fall at Salem Lake

  1. usinglight says:

    Mostly HDRs with trees look crooked and cooked. But yours are really nice.

  2. Great photos! I love the first one the most.

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