Seattle Skyline at Night

I have been to Seattle many times and never knew that it is only 15 minute water taxi ride to see it in all its glory from the west side. Maybe the reason that I didn’t know is because on all of my previous trips I didn’t do any photography. On the last trip however I was trying to find interesting spots and views to take some photos and discovered that it is super easy to get to this side of the harbor.  So here is the big city for you at night in its glory lights. If you want to see more details then click on the photo to see it in larger resolution in my photo gallery.


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2 Responses to Seattle Skyline at Night

  1. tracilee says:

    Great shot Dmitrii! If you took this shot the same day you posted – Nov. 5 – we may have crossed paths! We were out there taking the same shot – it was so clear that night!

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