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After taking last week off from work I’m now ready for a longer vacation. Somewhere warm would be nice. Like maybe this place on Marco Island. I’m not sure if I go there again, I’d like to see something new, but you get the drift.

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Reynolda gardens Water Tower

Fall season with all of its beautiful colors is suddenly over. This year it was a weird one, with many areas not having good colors, with some going from green to brown and then immediately dropping down to the ground.

A few weeks ago I took early morning walk at the Reynolda Gardens and found this little spot with perfect ground cover, highlighted by morning sun. Something to remember this season during upcoming winter months.


Sea monster

If you ever happen to be driving on i95 in Georgia, I’d highly recommend to make a quick detour and visit Jekyll Island. You’ll have to pay a small fee to get on the island, but this is because island itself is not very commercialized, not yet. There are a lot of hiking trails and bike trails to take you around the island and see its beautiful nature. We parked on the north side of the island and took one of the bike paths through the marsh, it took us to the beach. I have never seen beach like that. Ocean is slowly eroding the island and kills huge old trees that once stood there. The entire beach is like a cemetery of old washed out skeletons of different trees, trunks and what most look like a sea monsters. I’d like to come back there one day during sunrise or sunset and see how spooky it can get with dark shadows and skeletons trying to get me. 

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Infinity Path

It feels like for sure. You can’t see the end of it and it probably takes 10-15 minutes to walk the entire length of this pier. At the other end there were only two people, a couple. They were fishing. I asked if they got anything, not yet he replied – only a crab. They were from Atlanta, currently coming back from Miami and stopping half way for some break. He said that they do this trip to Miami and back every year. Every year they try to stop somewhere midway and his goal is to catch one fish. We stayed there for another 5 or so minutes, enjoying the view. When we left he still didn’t have a catch. I hope he did. It is nice to have little traditions.

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Virginia Creeper Trail

This Fall I wanted to take a picture of every bridge on the Virginia Creeper Trail. It didn’t happen. One reason is that I didn’t bike through the entire trail in the Fall, well that is pretty much is the reason. We went there right in the middle of the Fall color season but could not make all 17 miles from White top to Damascus. I think there are around 30 of them on the trail, all look and made slightly different. All of them were made to hold a train, but I think many of them were rebuild since the train tracks were taken down. You can see that construction materials are the same as used on the railroad tracks, big and strong.

For this bridge I was trying to find something interesting in the foreground and decided to use this plant, I called it Rabbit Ears plant. It is very low to the ground and it took me a few takes to get it all in at the right angle. BTW, I think it is much better if you look at this image in large format – just click on it and it will be open in higher quality and larger format. Thanks for stopping by!

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