It seams like this Fall so far is not super colorful. Leaves turn brown and drop down to the ground. At least here in NC. As I said last week, leaves in the mountains already past their full color and many trees lost most of it, while down in the low country it is pretty much green.

Today we are going to ride bikes on Virginia Creeper Trail in Damascus. It will be 17 or so miles along the river, across many little bridges. I hope to see some Fall colors.

This photo was taken at the Bass lake in Blowing Rock, NC. Last weekend we decided to stop by and check the colors and I’m glad we did because it was almost over. It happened that last year we were here on the same weekend and it was like night and day in comparison to this year. Last year colors were so rich and gorgeous, so much better than this year. I ‘m not sure why it is, probably depends on the amount of rain we got during the summer or average temperatures, or could be something completely different.


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