Fall is Coming to NC High Country

But not anywhere else on the East Coast. Blue Ridge parkway is in full color, but you drive down just 10-15 minutes and it is all green, just like in the middle of the summer. No different in Virginia and as I was told, even in Boston is all still super green.

This is Lin Cove Viaduct looking north. I took this photo from a huge rock, positioned right in the middle of the Viaduct. Prior to this hike I never knew that it was possible to get on this rock. We saw some folks the day before seating on it waving at at us driving buy, so naturally we had to get on this rock as well.


4 thoughts on “Fall is Coming to NC High Country

    1. thanks, it is a nice place in the fall. you would not beleive how many people were there on weekend. non-stop traffic on the parkway, just like any metro area commute times.

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