Can You Hear Them Screaming?

I sure still can. Actually the whole place is still ringing in my ears.

Last night we went to take some night photos at the Dixie Classic Fair. I took some fireworks shots, those are coming a bit later, whenever I get around to them. After finishing with fireworks we walked around and watched people getting crazy on all kind of different rides, people shooting paintball gun at the live targets, literally, there is a guy running behind the barrels and you can shoot at him. People fishing for some bottles, throwing basketballs, eating all kind of deep fried and sweet over sugary food. If you ever been to a country fair, you know what I’m talking about. We walked around this ride and tried to figure out good angle. Every empty place between rides and games is filled with food courts, place is packed with so many people. Not an easy task to get a good angle and safe place for a few minutes to take a photo.

I think it shows the mood of the place.


One thought on “Can You Hear Them Screaming?

  1. This turned out really cool- I never even noticed that guy standing there last night. However, I must point out that I suggested you try a shot from that place! Just sayin’…..

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