Pretty Fall

It is Monday, early evening, I’m sleepy. Mondays are always like that. Very long days with sleepy evenings. Doesn’t mean I will go to bed early, still probably not going to sleep till close to midnight, but, man I’m getting sleepy.

Anyway, I have a few more Fall pictures, which I’ll try to push out before real Winter comes around.

We are back to Linn Cove Viaduct at Blue Ridge parkway. This time we are looking south. Taken from the tip of the rock as low as I could get there to the road, but still have a long view over it.


Burn, Sweetie Burn

It is about that time of the year to pay tribute to anything spooky, witchy, dark and evil. A lot of kids will dress up like little monsters and witches. Thankfully we live in a society that will not do any harm to you for dressing like a witch. But just back a few hundred years ago they took it a bit too seriously and actually burned them alive, or so the history tells us.

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Back in Central Asia

Mentally, not physically. I had this photo seating on my drive for some time, just never felt like posting it. We were on a little hike around Chimbulak Ski Resort near Almaty Kazakhstan. This is almost as high you can get without special climbing gear. Alpine flowers are really cool, they are small but they are bright and they know how to survive in not the most friendly environments.

If you can see, on the left side of the photo, right in the middle, there is a black whole in the rock. It is actually a cave. About 3-4 meters high. I don’t know how deep it is, I didn’t hike over there.

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Ghosts are Sailing to Boston

Last weekend I went to see my daughter at Andover and we ended up eating in Boston every night of our visit to Massachusetts. Every night in Chinatown. Good food. Chinatown is not very interesting from photography point of view, at least I didn’t see any good views or cool looking buildings. So we went to the harbor to take some pictures. Both nights. Didn’t have a good sunset on either one of them, so it was a bit disappointing, but I still managed to take a few photos that I think are cool to share with ya all folks out there. Here is one of them.

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Up or Down?

When you look at this photo and see the plane, do you think it is going up or down? If you are familiar with this specific geographic location then you’ll know the answer. Visual illusions are always interesting. Well, I guess, I gave away the answer.